Terms & Conditions

Dentisyon Dental Clinic provides cosmetic and surgical dental treatments for patients travelling to Turkey and the clinic is accredited for dental tourism by Ministry of Health and we have a highly qualified and experienced dental team. The clinic provides dental treatment for patients travelling from all across the globe.


You will have a consultation upon arrival at the clinic and please bear in mind that recommended dental treatment plan may change (even when you send your dental photos or x-ray before coming) after a physical oral examination and final confirmation will be made in the clinic itself during your consultation and upon the application and review of a Panoramic X-ray in tandem with the physical examination of your teeth.

When signed and accepted, you acknowledge that you have made a fully informed decision and been given enough time to read Terms&Conditions and you agree with the clauses outlined in this document.

Travel&Holiday Plans:

Dentisyon Dental Clinic is not a travel agency, therefore unable to arrange your holiday or flights, but the clinic may provide accommodation at a hotel local to the clinic and/or airport transfers by liaising with third party suppliers depending on the cost of your dental treatment. If eligible for airport transfers without charge, please make sure that the airport is Istanbul Airport (IST) as VIP airport transfers without charge are only provided for Istanbul Airport (IST) and if elected to fly to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW), this will be at the cost of £49 each way, payable in the clinic. Return transfers can only be provided between the clinic and the hotel and if the patient wants to go to shopping mall, touristic areas or any other address, this will be patient’s own expense and the patient coordinator can call a taxi for them.

The patient is responsible for making all necessary arrangements for their travel&holiday such as but not limited to; flight tickets, visas, health tests (PCR or any other if required), passports, accommodation – unless the hotel is provided by the clinic – (Hotel name should be discussed with your Patient Coordinator before you book in order to check if it is within the free pick up radius if the accommodation is to be arranged by yourself). Please bear in mind that all patients travel at their own risk and the clinic cannot be held responsible for any consequences of potential travel restrictions or if travel is denied or when the patient is unable to enter Turkey.

Medical History and Pregnancy:

The clinic will not ask whether you have a medical condition or if you are under medication that can be a barrier for dental treatment or not before you come to Turkey. Pregnant patients or the ones with the risk of pregnancy shall not be accepted as patients. It is the patient’s responsibility to inform dental team in full prior to making their travel arrangements and if the patient did not disclose their medical history or pregnancy and they are refused due to such reasons, the clinic shall have no financial liability in regard to travel expenses such as flights or hotel.

Payment Policy:

The payment should be made in full (except for 2 or multiple visit treatments) after you accept the dental treatment that you will undergo depending on the outcome of the consultation. If the treatment can be completed in a single visit, then full cost should be paid before commencement of your dental treatment following consultation, but if you need to make 2 or more visits, then 70% of the total cost should be paid during first visit and 30% of the total cost should be paid during second visit. If there is a need for third or more visits, the payment cannot be split into three or more parts. The payment can be made in cash or via credit card.

Payment in Cash: The clinic accepts cash payments only in the currencies below:

GBP – Great Britain Pounds/Sterling. Other pounds such as Irish Pounds, Scottish Pounds or Northern Ireland Pounds are not accepted.

Euros and USD – Only United States Dollars, other dollars such as Canada or Australia Dollars are not accepted.

Payment With Credit Card: You can pay via a Visa or Mastercard, but American Express is not accepted, and your bank may charge additional fees or commission due to such payment and please get in touch with your bank before you use your credit card in the clinic in order to obtain more information. Your credit card needs to be physically available during payment and digital payment instruments such as crypto currencies or Apple Pay are not accepted.

Refusal Reasons:

The patient may refuse to have dental treatment following the consultation and the same applies to the clinic and the clinic may exercise its right to refuse to provide dental treatment with or without stating a reason, but some of the refusal grounds can be counted as follows:

  • If the patient is rude or physically/verbally abusive towards dental team or personnel in the clinic. The clinic has zero tolerance policy for violence of any kind.
  • If the patient wants a dental treatment that may jeopardise their oral or overall health.
  • If the patient cannot make the payment in full.
  • Presence of medical condition, pregnancy, bone loss or medication that shall be a barrier for dental treatment.
  • If the desired outcome is not realistic or against the ethics of dentistry.
  • If the patient is under 18 years old (The patient has to disclose their age if they are under 18, it is the patient’s responsibility to inform the clinic.)
  • If the patient is drunk or under the effect of drugs.
  • If the patient has a non-removable mouth/ body accessory which is a barrier for dental treatment or x-rays.

In case of a refusal (no matter what the reason is), the patient acknowledges that they will not seek compensation or payment of their travel or accommodation expenses of any kind.

Patient Rights:

The clinic guarantees that all the patients shall receive the same level of service and respect from the dental team and the following shall be strictly adhered to:

  • Respect for different choices, cultures, and beliefs
  • Providing a relaxed and safe environment both physically and mentally
  • Informing the patients in full and alternatives of the offered treatment if available
  • Keeping patients’ treatment details and dental records confidential

Data Protection:

We pay utmost attention to your privacy and personal data protection. By signing this document, you accept that we can share some parts of your personal information and medical records with the dental team/patient coordinators or any relevant staff to provide a recommended dental treatment plan or seek advice when asked for it. This includes all communications in written or spoken. We can also use some of your personal information such as name-surname, phone number in order to arrange hotel booking and airport transfers that shall be provided by third party suppliers. Your email address, phone number or social media details can also be used when there is a need to get in touch with you.


Although call centre provides service in different languages, all clinic records and documentation shall be in English only and no translation service is offered for documents.


I hereby confirm that I sign this form at my own will by understanding its content.

The rest of the form is given on visiting clinic