It is our department that contributes to raising the quality of life of the individual by bringing the aesthetic and function of the teeth and jaw to the ideal. It is the area of ​​expertise that ensures the health of your teeth, as well as the improvement and improvement of your smile.

Regardless of age, untreated orthodontic problem gets worse. As time passes, caries and gum diseases that occur as a result of not keeping the teeth clean enough due to crowding can cause tooth loss. In addition, bad bites can cause abnormal wear of the tooth surfaces, difficulties in chewing and speaking, and damage to the supporting bone and gingival tissues.

We can list the orthodontic department treatments as follows;

• Orthodontic treatments with brackets (wire therapy) (Aesthetic brackets, metal brackets and locked brackets)

• Lingual orthodontics (it is a form of treatment made by sticking fixed brackets to the tongue side, not the lip side)

• Invisalign-Clear Align (It is a form of treatment in which the crowding in the teeth is corrected with invisible transparent palate, called invisible dental appliance.)